You are the best designer for your home

Try hundreds of design options and create the perfect look for your home by yourself, for FREE

Design with your Family
Sit with your family at your convenience and try different furniture, paint colors and wall papers. It's so much fun to design as a family.
Design within your Budget
You can set a budget and try different design options that fit well within that budget. You can see the price of each and every unit used in the design.
Expert Design Assistance
Not sure if you want gloss or matte finish? Worried that the wardrobe may be a little too small? Simply call us at 735 876 8746 or write to us to get expert guidance.
Flat 2-week delivery
Now, getting your home furnished is as simple as buying a pair of Jeans online. Pick and choose the design that you want and we will deliver it to you in just 2 weeks.